Puppy Socialisation for Breeders

Puppy Socialisation Course for Breeders

Our "Puppy Socialisation for Breeders" is an online course aimed at people who want to raise their puppies to be confident, happy puppies. Here at Smartstart Dog Training we are raising the bar! We know you want to future proof your puppies and give them a great start so we have put this course together to show you exactly how to do it!

The course topics that we cover include;

  • Newborn handling
  • Sound desensitisation
  • Textures and levels
  • House training
  • Encouraging human interaction
  • Encouraging canine introduction
  • Introduction to crate training
  • Introduction to the car
  • The outside world
  • Early recall
  • Fear periods
  • Sleep and processing

Delivered in an online written format with supporting video tutorials, we want to teach you AND show you how to set your puppies up for success.

Course price is £149 to enrol please click here. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

See our Pupstarts Breeders sister site here for information on our Breeder Affiliate Scheme.