Pupstarts Online Puppy Training Courses


Our online puppy training course, Pupstarts, is aimed at supporting new puppy owners through the preparation, settling in and early training phase of dog ownership. We will set you up for success!

Getting your new family member is an exciting time, however we appreciate that it can also be a daunting time. We know you want to do your best to raise a happy and well-behaved dog and we are here to help! 

Our online puppy course covers all of the essential topics;

  • Puppy training mindset.
  • Your essential puppy shopping list.
  • The journey home.
  • Introducing your new puppy to existing pets.
  • Managing children and puppies.
  • Crate training.
  • House training.
  • Recognising your puppy’s body language.
  • Exercising your puppy.
  • Puppy development and socialisation.
  • Methods of training.
  • Clicker training.
  • Puppy training exercises including: sit, down, leave it, recall, stay, hand touch, watch me, stand and basic targeting for relaxation and training.
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviours.

We believe our course is current and will set you and your puppy up for success. It is made up of written theory and over 2 hours of tutorial video clips. 

The whole training course is made available for you to work through and learn at your own pace. Your puppy should be your calendar and you should move through the exercises and behaviours step by step as they are ready. 

You will also have exclusive group membership to our private Pupstarts puppy training group. This group is an exclusive community group that only Smartstart Pupstarts members have access to. This means you can talk to other puppy owners who are on the same journey as you and you can swap tips and advice and share all your experiences. I will host live sessions on a weekly basis so we can trouble shoot together and you can ask me questions relating to your training and progress. 

To complete the course you will take a short 10 question online exam and when you pass, you will be emailed a Pupstarts Achievement Award. 

***SPECIAL OFFER Course fee £30***

Click the link below and we can get you started!

If you live near Oswestry you can also attend our Puppy Training Classes.