Puppy Training Classes in Oswestry

At Smartstart Dog Training we are passionate about starting you and your puppies on the right paw! So we have formulated a six week puppy course to set you up for success. Our classes cover all the fundamental training, knowledge and information you will need to raise a happy and balanced puppy. 

Some of the topics covered include;

* Crate Training Your Puppy

* House Training

* Body Language Recognition

* What to Feed Your Puppy

* Various behaviours including sit/settle/recall/loose lead walking/down/hand touch/watch me and more

* Starter Scentwork Games 

* Socialisation, Enrichment & Positive Play


To book onto our next set of classes please see our online diary and booking link HERE.

Your puppy will need to be fully vaccinated to attend.

If you are not local to Oswestry you can train  your puppy  using our Online Puppy Courses.