Mantrailing in Oswestry

What is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK and is a great way to stimulate and enrich your dog. It is the ultimate game of HIDE AND SEEK for dog lovers! We will teach your dog to find people using their specific scent.

With your dog’s incredible nose and your soon-to-be impeccable handling skills, you can be a fabulous trailing team in no time!

Build a great relationship with your dog

✔ Increase your dog's confidence

✔ Spend time adventuring outdoors

✔ Attend a fun social activity on a regular basis

One of the many amazing things about this sport is that it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. This includes dogs with confidence and reactivity issues, as dogs are always worked one at a time. Basically if your dog has a nose you can have a go! We guarantee you will be amazed by their skill!

Mantrailing is a low impact sport, which unlike some sports means there is less pressure and stress on your dog's joints. As well as providing physical exercise, mantrailing also engages your dog's incredible olfactory senses, giving them an intense mental workout.

Most importantly, it's fantastic fun for both you and your dog. You will never get tired of the buzz of a successful search!


I am a Mantrailing UK Instructor and I offer Mantrailing Introduction Courses and follow-on classes in Oswestry.  

To book onto any of our classes or workshops please see the booking link HERE

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Our Mission Statement

"To improve dog behaviour and enrich their lives through the natural behaviour of sniffing.

Dogs LOVE sniffing which is why nosework for dogs is becoming more and more popular. It has a calming and deeply satisfying effect for dogs and owners often report that their dogs are content and relaxed in a way they have rarely seen before after taking part."