Breeder Paperwork Bundle

Breeder Paperwork Bundle

Managing your paperwork is critical for the success of your breeding plans, especially if you want to become a licensed dog breeder. Sail through your licensing inspection with our Breeder Paperwork Bundle. And ditch the confusion of working it all out yourself.  

Breeder Paperwork Bundle; Forgetting vaccines, worming dates, or season dates and details can be an expensive oversight as a breeder.


One of the most common concerns I hear from breeders or those planning to mate their bitches is that the paperwork required is overwhelming and confusing.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. So, let’s remove the barriers holding your dog breeding plans back today. 

I am Rebecca Walters of Pupstarts Breeders, and I have been successfully breeding dogs for 16 years.

As a 5-star licensed dog breeder and an ex licensing officer, with decades of experience, I have devised the complete package of breeder paperwork to make things easy for you. 

Access contracts, templates, examples, charts and schedules INSTANTLY.

Get your ducks in a row today. 


Inside the breeder’s paperwork bundle, you get...

Everything you need to run and manage a successful dog breeding business.

  • All the paperwork required to correctly monitor a litter
  • Every document you will need to pass a license inspection
  • Examples of completed versions
  • Blank Templates for you to personalise
  • Easy to download and print at home
  • Available 24/7 online (after all, breeding is NOT 9-5)
  • Instant Access – for Life!


  1. Instructions for this bundle
  2. UK Dog Breeding Law and Licensing explained
  3. Contracts & Receipts
  4. Dog Register
  5. Flea/Worm/Vaccine Charts
  6. Breeding & Whelping Charts 
  7. Puppy Records & Charts 
  8. Health Testing Charts 
  9. Monitoring & Information Sheets
  10. Emergency Forms
  11. Isolation & Quarantine
  12. Health & Welfare Plans
  13. Risk Assessments
  14. Socialisation & Enrichment Plans
  15. Feeding



“I purchased the Pupstart’s paperwork pack. It literally has everything in it -  all the paperwork you could ever need. Print it off straight away. It looks professional, and there are loads of extras like feeding guidelines and enrichment suggestions that I use in my puppy packs.”