Puppy Profiling Program

puppy profiling


Puppy Profiling: Selling puppies to happy forever homes


Matching your puppies with the right people for them is vital. Discover how to observe, document and match your puppies with their perfect homes for just £99


Place the RIGHT pup with the RIGHT people.

It can be a real worry, questioning and wondering if your puppies might land in the wrong homes, with people or families that are just not suited to the pups temperament…

Approximately 130,000 dogs are estimated to enter UK animal welfare organisations such as re-homing centres each year. (Casey, 2019.) 

When you match your puppies with their new owners based on personality, lifestyle and temperament, you set everybody up to succeed. Unfortunately, new dog owners often choose based on looks, and they need YOU to guide them on selecting the right dog for their lifestyle, family and expectations. 

No one spends more time watching and interacting with the litter than you. And that means no one is more qualified to talk about the puppies as individuals. And no one is better placed to describe them and match them with potential owners.

When you complete the puppy profiling course, you will be able to present your puppy owners with a complete guide to their individual puppies. What their personality is like, how well socialised they are and the exact areas they should focus their training on to bring out the best in their puppy. 

Your puppy owners are no longer confused, overwhelmed or trying to do it all. Instead, they have a tailored step by step guide to help them find their feet. 

Plus, you’ll get access to my tried and tested puppy buyer application form, so you can get the information you need to be a champion matchmaker. 

Each puppy is an individual. They have their own temperaments, characteristics, and personalities, which impacts the homes and the people they go on to live with.

The dream is that your pups land with the perfect people for them, the ones that will raise them carefully, adapting their lives to welcome them into the fold.

The people who set them up for success so that Pup stays with that family for its entire life. 

Let’s talk about Puppy Profiling – gain the skills to identify how to match pups to people.

Inside the Puppy Profiling Program, you discover:


  • How to profile and observe your puppies
  • How to match them to suitable homes
  • Specific and individual exercises for new owners based on their pups temperaments
  • How to prevent undesirable behaviours to avoid problems later in life
  • How to support owners in how to train, bond and understand their pup

** lifetime access so you can revisit for every litter **

Raise your game and be that five-star breeder who knows their puppies are landing with the ideal families and homes for them.


Puppy Profiling

  • Why bother?
  • Puppy Profiling
  • Benefits of Profiling
  • Using the Profile
  • Matching People & Puppies
  • The Plan
  • Breeder Knowledge
  • Observations and Positive, Negative and Neutral Behaviours
  • Observations PDF
  • Common Behaviours
  • Individual Puppy Profiling Sheet
  • Puppy Profiling Observations & Exercises
  • Example owner application form
  • Profiling Result v Exercise Sheet